Improv Coaching

I coach improv groups and individuals!

Are you interested in learning to make your improv characters bold but believable and grounded?

Do you need help building your team dynamic and finding your group strengths?

I have spent the last decade improvising, acting, casting and producing in Chicago and Los Angeles.

Let me help you find and grow your team group mind!  I coach independent improv teams and individuals in Los Angeles and online for out of state groups.  My ideal clients are ready to push their limits and grow their acting chops.  UCB 101, 201 and 301 students, as well as college teams or students of other programs are ideal.  Actors curious about improv or curious beginners eager to learn and ready to commit to having fun and learning improv fundamentals.

My top coaching values are: Honesty, Risk, Play, Commitment, Fun, Respect, Teamwork, Listening, Bravery and helping individuals establish their comedic point of view.  Together we will embrace uncertainty and failure to develop our improv muscles.  Improv should be fun and rehearsals should offer a challenge.

I can help you clarify your group goals and move you in the right direction.  I have helped industry peers book roles, improve upon auditions and grow their confidence.  I am a current member of SAG-AFTRA, with a B.F.A. in Acting and have trained and performed at the top improv schools in the country (Second City Chicago, The Annoyance, iO Chicago, MCL, UCB West and Comedy Sportz Chicago)  I've also performed on teams at the Seattle Improv Festival, The New York Music Improv Festival, The Chicago Music Improv Festival and Chicago Sketchfest.

Please reach out and introduce yourself/team.  Thank you!

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Abby Vatterott

"Dan is an excellent coach with an amazing energy and spirit. He brings the best of out his students with his practicality and passion. His unique teaching style pushes you as an actor no matter your level. Dan is especially helpful in anyone looking to book more auditions, he's dedicated to make you shine! I can't recommend him enough"



I really liked being coached by Dan! He creates such a safe space and will pretty quickly identify your strengths and weaknesses. He becomes very invested in you as a unique performer rather than trying to shape you in a textbook way. This also made me very comfortable to voice my concerns to get to the real core of why something isn't working. A great guy, highly recommend.


Amber Preston

Dan is a great coach! Working with Dan has reminded me what I love about improv - how much fun it can be when I get out of my own way! Dan’s coaching is thoughtful, insightful, and fun! He’s always challenging and pushing our group to grow while highlighting our strengths. He’s turned our little group of misfits into a tighter-silly-goose-listening group of misfits! All the thumbs up from me! Highly recommend Dan for all your improv coaching needs!


Ariel Putman

Dan is just awesome! It’s more than just coaching, he thinks outside of the box with all of his exercises that are super thoughtful. Sessions are always ended on a positive note with specifics to think about and improve for the next time, which I find very effective.



I love Dan, he's super great at pinpointing what an individual should be working on, but still helping the group come together as a whole to find the fun. 11/10 would recommend!



Dan is a fantastic coach!  He blends his years of experience and his clear innate talent into lessons that are informative and fun. He is always prepared with a lesson plan and a clear idea of what each session is going to be. With just a few notes on what we wanted to accomplish out of our sessions he had us up on our feet and practicing exercises to smooth out fundamentals as well as sitting us down and learning new things. He's not afraid to push you and it is clear that he actual cares. I cannot recommend him enough! 


Nancy Fast

"Dan Oliver uses his inner beauty and sharp insights to guide people towards doing their best work. After being coached by Dan I was a better improviser with more confidence and a positive outlook."


Rhandy Torres

"If there will ever be an award for best acting/improv coach, that award would have to be named after Dan Oliver. Why? Because that's what Dan is all about, being the best and the coolest acting coach. He is super talented, honest, fun, very smart and is incredibly dedicated in helping his students reach maximum potential. Dan helped me prepare for the AMTC LA Shine Tour a few weeks ago. Before meeting Dan, I thought I knew a lot about acting, after our 1st session I realized I don't know much!  And that's where Dan's passion and gift come into play. He taught me well, prepared me to be at my best, taught me techniques, gave me confidence. Next week I'll be meeting with two talent agencies for possible representation. A large part of my early success is because I have Dan as my acting coach."

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Ella Lubienski

"Dan is a fantastic coach who cares so much for his students. The atmosphere he builds is respectful, loving, fun, and safe. In my time with him I felt like I grew so much more, both as a performer and as a person."



Dan Oliver does his homework. From the get-go, he asked me to write down where I wanted to go as an actor, and in our first session, he had solid answers as to how to get me there. Hire him, and you’ll go places!